WEDAR 健康圖書館 - 華人的健康產業整合入口

With our persist in nutraceutical ingredient, Wedar positively looking for prestige cooperation for latest and competitive ingredient around the world. This year, We and InnoVactiv, which is one of biggest R&D company in the industry in Canada, announced the cooperation news on major industry press, INSIDER, NPI,Bas-Saint-Laurent and Est-Quebec.
InnoVactiv ‘s first launch ingredient in the Taiwan and China market is a dual digestive enzymes inhibitor called InSea2™. This product is derived from 2 species of brown seaweed, and it can inhibit effects against both α- glucosidase and α-amylase enzymes. Which means the carbohydrate absorption would be prohibited, and then resulting in reduced conversion of glucose to stored body fat.
As to InnoVactiv, they are very looking forward to cooperate with Wedar as well. Both of the teams are highly experienced and professional. One is striving for developing unique natural ingredient; another is selling these healthy products by knowledge-based. Starting from Taiwan and China, InnoVactiv wishes to build a firm position in Asia market by Wedar,
By the cooperation of these two companies, Wedar and InnoVactiv already stepped forward on the road to the international.